Hot Rail HTP® 5" Electric Rail Horse Fencing

Hot Rail® is the safest electric fence available!

Hot Rail Electric HTP 5" Rail is an innovative fencing product that combines the patented Centaur HTP technology with electric fencing properties, significantly reducing installation time.

This attractive rail utilizes insulated brackets for easy installation.

By combining electric properties within the rail, Hot Rail protects your horse without the need for a separate hot wire that can slice a horse like a knife.

Hot Rail Electric HTP 5" rail withstands impact without risking injury to your horse. HTP technology combines the pliability of polymer with the strength of high tensile, creating a rail that is safer, stronger and more flexible, helping reduce horse injuries on your farm.

  • Withstands expansion rates due to temperature changes
  • Each rail is installed in a continuous length allowing impact to be absorbed by the entire length of the fence
  • Hot Rail 5" Rail is manufactured in Muscle Shoals, Alabama
  • Fence life is 30+ years with a 30-year limited warranty
  • Hot Rail Electric HTP 5" rail is easily combined with other Centaur rail or strand fencing to fit your budget or design needs

Available Colors

Available Colors